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Ningbo Pengyuejia Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. is a factory with many years of experience in R&D, production, processing and sales. Its products are mainly inductance, coil, magnetic ring, transformer, aromatherapy lamp and humidifier of various electronic appliances. Products are mainly exported to Europe, the United States, Canada, Brazil, Russia, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other countries and regions. 

With mature technology, stable and reliable quality and high cost performance, our products have always been favored by our customers. We have been adhering to the business philosophy of "continuous innovation, realize customer value", to provide customers with all kinds of high-quality products and services.




Brand Power  Technology accumulation · Strength guarantee

Focus on building a professional, powerful old company

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  Product strengthContinuous innovation, strong new product research

Products undergo strict quality control and quality assurance

Samples can be tested first, providing technical advice and support

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Professional production and labeling management, quick and timely delivery.

Factory direct sales, shorten the distance between manufacturers and buyers

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Customer service online 24 hours

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What are the types of transformer designs?

According to the number of phases, there are single-phase and three-phase transformers. It can be divided into power transformer, special power transformer, voltage regulating transformer, measuring transformer (voltage transformer and current transformer), small power transformer (for small power equipment) and safety transformer. According to the structure, it can be divided into core type and shell type. The coil has double winding and multi winding. According to the cooling mode, the autotransformer can be divided into oil immersed type and air cooling type. 

How does a transformer change voltage?

The transformer is made of electromagnetic induction. It consists of an iron core composed of silicon steel sheets (or silicon steel sheets) and two groups of coils wound on the iron core. The iron cores and coils are insulated from each other without any electrical connection, as shown in the figure. We call the coil connected between transformer and power supply side as primary coil (or primary side), and coil connecting transformer and electrical equipment as secondary coil (or secondary side). When the primary coil of the transformer is connected to the AC power supply, the magnetic line of force will change in the iron core. Because the secondary coil is wound on the same iron core, the secondary coil is cut by the magnetic line of force, and the induced electromotive force is generated on the secondary coil, which makes the voltage appear at both ends of the coil. Because the voltage of the secondary is alternating. And the frequency is exactly the same as the power frequency.

The manager has demonstrated that the voltage ratio between primary coil and secondary coil and the ratio of turns between primary coil and secondary coil are related, which can be expressed as follows: voltage of primary coil / voltage of secondary coil = number of turns of primary coil / number of turns of secondary coil, indicating that the more turns, the higher voltage. Therefore, it can be seen that the secondary coil is less than the primary coil, that is, the step-down transformer. On the contrary, it is a step-up transformer.

What is a transformer?

In the AC circuit, the equipment that will increase or decrease the voltage is called transformer. The transformer can change any value of voltage into the voltage value we need with the same frequency to meet the requirements of power transmission, distribution and use. For example, the power generated by power plants has a low voltage level, so the voltage must be raised before it can be transported to a far away power consumption area. The power consumption area must be changed into a suitable voltage level through voltage reduction to supply power equipment and daily electrical equipment.